Larry Stinson: Owner/ Master Plumber

Larry has been in the service plumbing industry for over 20 years.Loves to Coach select softball, Baseball, hunting and fishing. Spending time with his family and friends. 
Scott Eidson - Journeyman Plumber
Scott trained several years with Larry as his right hand man.  Now a Journeyman plumber, Scott trains other apprentices he Larry Stinson way.  He is also Carissa's brother in law, married to her sister, Becca.  They have a dog named Nibbler and reside in Mansfield.  He enjoys fishing in his free time. 
Cory Valdez - Tradesman Plumber    
Cory trained several years with Larry once Scott received his license. Now a tradesman plumber he is enjoying working on his own as a service and repair plumber.  He lives in Arlington. He joins adventure in his free time.